Nominating Form for 2020 Quadrenium Conference Agencies

Thank you for offering yourself or suggesting someone else, to use one's gifts, passions, experiences, and call for the sake of ministry in the Western North Carolina Conference and the Kingdom of God!  The conference committee on nominations will meet to consider possibilities for each entity.  Please be aware that there may not be an opportunity for you to serve in the identified area of interest.

The anticipated service commitment is July 2020 - June 2024.

If you have already filled out this form, please contact Marsha Patton to double-check we have your form, before submitting again!



Thanks for suggesting a friend to serve!  Please put THEIR information in the next section (First + Last + contact info), but first, please provide your name here!

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Great!  We appreciate you letting us know of your interest!  Please fill out the following form completely.

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*District (Clergy)
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What is your current appointment?

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*Are you a member of a United Methodist Church?

Thank you for being interested in offering yourself, but unfortunately, in order to serve on a conference committee, you'll need to be a member of a local UMC congregation.

*How many years have you been a UMC member?
*District (Laity)
*At which church do you hold membership? (in Appalachian District)
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*In which church do you hold membership? (in Smoky Mountain District)
*In which church do you hold membership? (in Uwharrie District)
*In which church do you hold membership? (in Yadkin Valley District)

Please help us get to know you so we can match your gifts and interest with the needs of the conference and community.  


Describe the ways you have served in the local church, district, or other relevant groups, including leadershp positions you have held.

*Interests and Gifts:

Describe the skills, gifts, talents, interests, abilities, and passion that you bring to service in the conference.

Committee/Area of Interest

In what area do you feel called to serve within the conference?  What would be the best fit for your experience, gifts, and call?  The entities to which the committee nominates can be found at this link.  If you believe there is a way you’d like to serve beyond those listed here, please choose other and provide additional detail. 

Please indicate first choice here.

Committee/Area of Interest - Second Choice

What is your 2nd choice for an entity on which to serve?

*In what other area/entity would you like to serve?
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