Whom Shall I Send Resource

We are always looking for resources that will develop the characteristics found in the Whom Shall I Send portrait.  If you have a resource to suggest, please fill out the form.  If you are a member of a dCOM, BOM, or cabinet, please indicate this.  We’d like to find resources that are relevant to candidates for ministry as they journey through the many stages of the ordination process.

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Serves out of a conscious and obvious relationship with Jesus Christ and a set-apart call to ministry
Has spiritual depth and is formed by the theology, history, and tradition of the Church as shaped by the Wesleyan and Methodist movement
Is faithful in preaching and teaching the faith
Practices empathy and builds trust
Develops and leads from clear vision and goals
Focuses on collaboration and partnership with laity
Understands context and community
Values and promotes innovation and change
Demonstrates agility and adaptability
Expresses curiosity and is committed to continual improvement
Has skills in management and administration
Recognizes conflict is inevitable and leads through it
General Leadership
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