Leadership Development Scholarship Application (Individual)

The Leadership Development Team encourages the development of all Clergy and Ministerial Professionals, with a focus on:      

1)    developing, coaching, and mentoring to improve performance;
2)    influencing the actions and behaviors of others to accomplish changes in the local church;
3)    propelling the local church to set and achieve significant goals through effective leadership; and
4)    inspiring the congregation through preaching.

It is anticipated that, if awarded, this scholarship will assist you on your leadership development journey.  

This scholarship is for use by clergy and ministry professionals who have participated in a WNC Leadership Development initiative and have been invited to request funds for follow-up development.  You may be eligible for this scholarship if you have participated in a Called & Gifted to Lead Workshop, a Ministry Development Consultation, the Bishop's Emerging Leaders Initiative, and certain other programs.

This grant is funded through apportionment dollars being reinvested into clergy and lay ministry professionals.

The Conference Council on Finance and Administration has adopted a policy, endorsed by Bishop Leeland and the WNCC Cabinet, that a church requesting a grant from the Conference, District and even General Church agency, must be progressing toward 100% payment of all 2020 apportionments.  This applies toward churches and clergy.  If your church doesn’t meet this qualification, a grant application should not be submitted.  We are endeavoring to work with churches that are striving to meet apportionment payment goals and will consider requests on a case by case basis.

*First Name
*Last Name
Preferred Name
*Address 1
Address 2
*Are you Clergy or Laity?
*Clergy: Current Appointment & Position
*Laity: Ministry Position & Location
*BrickRiver ID Number

Clergy, please look up your BrickRiver ID on your Clergy Dashboard.  It is found directly below your name in the top-right corner.  (Hit Ctrl+Click on the link to open it up in a new browser, instead of redirecting you from this page.) 

*Church/Charge Name
*Is your church making progress in its apportionment payments?

Please feel free to check to see if the church is on track:  https://www.wnccumc.org/church-remittances-and-more

*Which is your qualifying program for this scholarship request?
*Who invited you to use this scholarship form for an off-list program?
*Date of Called & Gifted to Lead Workshop or Consultation

please format as M/D/YYYY or MM/YYYY.

*Please upload your personal Leadership Development Plan.

     Please submit a summary of your leadership development plan along with this application.  

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

~ In the next set of questions, please provide specific details about your funding request ~


*For what learning opportunity are you applying? Please include the program/event name and the date(s) the program/event will be held. max length 350 characters

    -  Note, this is not the same as your qualifying program; please answer what you want funding for, such as "Coaching" or the "COR Leadership Institute", etc. 
Please submit a separate form for each opportunity, if you are using your scholarship funds for different offerings.  (Such as, if part of your funding will pay for coaching, and part will cover expenses for a conference.)

*How will this program or event support your leadership development plan and/or identified areas for growth from your annual evaluation or leadership program? max length 450 characters

     Please establish a link between the opportunity and how it will help meet your goals.

*Who is the provider of this program/event? (Individual or organization)
What is the website for the program/event?
*What is the amount you request this scholarship to pay for the opportunity listed above?
*Please provide an itemized breakdown of expenditures to be covered by this scholarship, and indicate other sources of funding, if expenses exceed the available scholarship. max length 350 characters

     An additional page or worksheet may be uploaded, if needed.

Expenditures upload

     If you need to submit an additional itemized expenses sheet, please upload here:

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

*Is there any other information that would be helpful for the Leadership Development Team to have, in order to best understand your request for a scholarship? max length 350 characters
*Have you previously received scholarship funding from the WNCC Leadership Development Team?
What previous WNCC LEAD scholarship/grant have you received?
B-ELI (Bishop's Emerging Leaders Initative)
Called & Gifted to Lead Scholarship
Church of the Resurrection: Young Preacher Festival
Davidson Centre: The Clergy Program
Flourish (8-Year Renewal)
Ministry Development Consultation Scholarship
Spiritual Renewal
Young Clergy Leadership Forum (GBCS)
For what other program(s) have you received an LDT scholarship/grant? max length 200 characters

Information about requirements and payment:

  • Please allow two weeks for processing
  • Scholarship funds are only available for the eligible individual, and cannot be used for family members, teams, or church programs
  • New vendors or service providers must submit a completed and signed W-9 for payment processing
  • All reimbursements requires receipt(s) and documentation
  • All invoices must be submitted by email or mail, if not uploaded below
  • Please send invoices and/or receipts to:
    • Rev. Kim Ingram, WNCC LD Scholarships
    • PO Box 2757, Huntersville, NC 28070
    • kingram@wnccumc.org
Invoice/Receipt Upload

If available, please upload documentation for payment, whether invoices, receipts, registration confirmations, etc.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

After hitting the submission button below, your request will be sent to Rev. Kim Ingram for approval and Marsha Patton for processing.  They will be in touch to confirm approval and ask clarifying questions needed.

You will receive a confirmation screen and a confirmation window.  If you do not receive either of these, please feel free to reach out to Marsha at mpatton@wnccumc.org to confirm your application has been received.

Thank you for allowing the WNCC Leadership Development Team to help you reach your goals!  


~ Re-Investing Local Church Apportionment Dollars into Leadership in Western North Carolina ~

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