District Leadership Conference 2018

Opportunities for laity and church leaders to grow and sharpen their skills in ministry and discipleship.


Sunday, January 7, 2018

3:00 - 5:00 pm

St. Luke's (Hickory)


We are excited to offer the following courses to our CV District laity. (Instructor names are listed in italics).

“The Discipleship of Faith and Generosity”

All that we have and all that we are is of God. Without God we are nothing…we have nothing. Through our faith and commitment to support God’s church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness, we seek ways to be generous with the resources God has given as part of our discipleship journey. Rev. David Snipes, President & CEO, United Methodist Foundation of Western North Carolina.


“The Mission and Ministry of Staff/Pastor Parish” 

Characteristics of an effective SPRC ministry. What SPRCs and clergy most need from each other. Understanding the Department of Labor wage and hour laws. Rev. Angela A. Pleasants, Catawba Valley District Superintendent; and Kathy Odell, Director of Human Resources, Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church.


“Do’s and Don’ts of Local Church Finance”

“Best practices of local church finance committees?” What are the best practices of local church committees on finance to advance the mission of the church most effectively? And what are the pitfalls to avoid? Topics will include audits, committee membership, committee responsibilities, budget forecasting and preparation, and understanding apportionments. Rev. Dr. Mark King, Treasurer, Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church.


“Single-Board Governance— It’s About Vision and Leadership”

 This workshop is designed to help leaders understand why a single-board model is an effective way to structure any size congregation so that living into vision is more effective. You will learn what this simpler model of decision-making is and how to make it work in your context. Kim Shockley, Catawba Valley District Church Vitality Strategist.


“Local Church Historians”

This session is open to local church historians, church secretaries, anyone who is interested in the history of their church, or anyone interested in their church’s records and historic documents. We will focus on which records to keep and which records can be discarded (and why), how best to keep these records for posterity, and where to look to find records from the past. Those attending are encouraged share their questions regarding the preserving and recording of their church’s history and its records. Rev. Jim Pyatt, Archivist/Historian, Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church.


“Ministry of the Trustees”

Rev. Roy Byers, Hoey Memorial UMC-Sulphur Springs UMC


“Children’s Ministry”

Rev. Sarah Watkins Davis, Director of Communication & Evangelism, Myers Memorial UMC


“Building Relationships through Nurture, Outreach, and Witness (NOW) Ministries”

Rev. George Ragsdale, First UMC, Belmont.


“In the Beginning”

We all agree we’re really good at tending to our work, tending to other’s needs, tending to laundry, and the like... yet pretty lousy at tending to the replenishing needs of our soul. In this experiential learning session, you’ll learn tips for establishing a new rhythm and leave inspired to engage in Sabbath keeping—an “In the Beginning” spiritual practice intended to empower us to ride upon the heights (Isaiah 58:13-14). What might that mean for you in the context of your daily life? Ann Starrette, Director of Spiritual Formation, Davidson UMC, Davidson.


“Igniting the Fire of Youth Ministry”

Andrew Woods, Director of Youth & College-Age Adults, St. Luke UMC, Hickory.


“Baptism is the Ordination of the Laity”

In and through our baptism, we are called to be disciples who make disciples. Come and learn about intentional ways that you can inspire others to grow deeper in their commitment to Christ and more effective in their witness to the community and world. Rev. Amy Coles, Assistant to the Bishop, Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church.


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Discipleship of Faith and Generosity (Rev. David Snipes, Instructor)
Mission and Ministry of Staff/Pastor Parish (Rev. Angela Pleasants, Instructor)
Do's and Don'ts of Local Church Finance (Rev. Dr. Mark King, Instructor)
Single-Board Governance -- It's About Vision and Leadership (Kim Shockley, Instructor)
Local Church Historians (Rev. Jim Pyatt, Instructor)
Ministry of the Trustees (Rev. Roy Byers, Instructor)
Children's Ministry (Rev. Sarah Watkins Davis, Instructor)
Building Relationships through Nurture, Outreach, and Witness (NOW) Ministries (Rev. George Ragsdale, Instructor)
In the Beginning (Ann Starrette, Instructor)
Igniting the Fire of Youth Ministry (Andrew Woods, Instructor)
Baptism is the Ordination of the Laity (Rev. Amy Coles, Instructor)

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