Connexion Fund Application

Please complete this form if your church needs assistance in supporting the salary of your pastor during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For April - June, the Connexion Fund will grant up to:

  • $10,815 for Full Connection Elders and Deacons
  • $9,734 for Provisional Elders, Provisional Deacons and Associate Members
  • $9,058 for Local Pastors who have completed seminary or Course of Study
  • $8,653 for Local Pastors

The above represents 3 months of minimum salary for clergy at that status.  Grants to local churches on a multi-point charge will be pro-rated based on the percentage of the clergy's salary that that church pays.  Grants for clergy salaries after June will be based upon the fund availability.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Local Church Name:
*Multi-Point Charge?
Charge Name:
*Clergy Name:
*Clergy Status:
*If part-time,
1/4 time
1/2 time
3/4 time
*Clergy Compensation:

Please list the pastor's total compensation (Line 1 of the Clergy Compensation Report)

If multi-point charge, the total compensation that your local church pays the pastor:
*Please share about your need for this support:
*Have you had a conversation with the other church(es) on your charge about your financial situation?


Who is to receive the check? (Treasurer)

*Do you offer some type of on-line worship? (Facebook Live, Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
*Would you like help establishing on-line worship?
*Does your church offer on-line giving?
*Would you be willing to direct people to the Conference portal? The funds would be then passed on to your local church.
*Has your church applied for the Paycheck Protection Program through the CARES Act?
*Rate your current participation in your Missional Network:
*Describe how you are communicating with your congregation about stewardship and giving during this time.


Account Balances: (Please share your current account balances)

*General Operating Fund
Benevolence Fund
Building or Improvement Fund
Trustees' Fund
Cemetery Fund
__________ Account

Please give the title of the account or CD and the balance

__________ Account
__________ Account
__________ Account


Please share your total monthly income and expenses for the last 3 months.

*March Income
*March Expenses
*April Income
*April Expenses
*May Income
*May Expenses


Weekly offering for the past 5 weeks:

*Week 1

Please give date and total offering

*Week 1 Deposit Date
*Week 2
*Week 2 Deposit Date
*Week 3
*Week 3 Deposit Date
*Week 4
*Week 4 Deposit Date
*Week 5
*Week 5 Deposit Date



(For each full name typed, that person attests to the accuracy of this application. Please do not just type in the names of these church leaders.  We ask you to contact them first and make sure they know about and approve of this application.)

*S/PPRC Chair
*Church Council Chair

The Connexion Fund is made possible by the generosity of the Conference Board of Pensions, our 8 Districts, and other faithful donors.  Applications will be reviewed weekly and grant awards may be adjusted depending upon assessed need and available funds.

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