Connect Conference March 2020

District Connect Conference - Pathways to Peace (NEW Focus!)

Due to increased interest and request on behalf of congregations across the district, we are changing our focus for the March District Connect conference to better prepare us for the upcoming General Conference. 

The purpose of this Conference is to provide the most up-to-date information on General Conference 2020 and to provide an opportunity for congregations in the Blue Ridge District to learn methods for holding holy conversations. 

NEWLY Updated Agenda:

  • Registration begins at 1:30
  • Worship and Prayer
  • Information and Q&A  - This time will be led by District Superintendent, Rev. Beth Crissman and provide space for elected delegates Shelly Webb (clergy) and Caroline Wood (lay) to bring additional appropriate information. There is space on this form to list questions you would like considered during this time. All questions will be taken into consideration before the conference and answers will be planned to best use the time alloted. 
  • Teaching and Hands-On Learning for engaging in Holy Conversations within your congregation
  • Closing Communion
  • Dismissal at 5:00 pm
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If you are registering a group of people, please use this space to let us know how many and if childcare will be needed. 

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