2019 District Leadership Conference

Opportunities for laity and church leaders to grow and sharpen their skills in ministry and discipleship.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

2:30 - 5:00 pm

St. Luke's (Hickory)


We are excited to offer the following courses to our CV District laity. (Instructor names are listed in italics).


Leading with Purpose - Leading a local church with purpose keeps the focus on God’s activity through the congregation and community so that personal preferences, points of view, and power are diminished. We will discover communication strategies, how to overcome obstacles, how to deal with the reactions of congregants, and basic characteristics of leading with purpose.  Laity in leadership roles and clergy will benefit from this workshop.  Kim Shockley, District Church Vitality Specialist

Health and Wellness --  Lisa Marisiddaiah, Parish Nurse, First UMC Gastonia

Local Church Historian – This session is open to local church historians, church secretaries, anyone who is interested in the history of their church, or anyone interested in their church’s records and historic documents.  We will focus on which records to keep and which records can be discarded (and why), how best to keep these records for posterity, and where to look to find records from the past.  Those attending are encouraged to share their questions regarding the preserving and recording of their church’s history and its records. Jim Pyatt, WNCC Archivist/Historian

A Better Way – As congregations continue to come to grips with the changing context of shifting demographics and economies, declining giving and attendance, and new ways of being church, some are finding innovative ways to use their buildings and land to reach new people, enhance income, connect with neighbors, and live into their mission.  Wesley Community Development is helping them lead the way to a brighter future.  Come learn how. Reverend Karen Easter Bayne, Vice President, Wesley Community Development Corporation

What Are the Ten Essential Needs for Local Church Finance and Stewardship?This session will examine the ten most important and significant issues that local church finance and stewardship leaders should be most concerned.  The issues and needs will stem both from the Book of Discipline but also practical and logistical relevant.  Topics will include Audits, Annual Reporting, Apportionments, Financial Policies and Giving. Reverend Dr. Mark King, Conference Treasurer/Director of Administrative Services

The Call and Ministry of a Lay Servant and Certified Lay Minister This session will focus on the call and ministry of Certified Lay Servants and Certified Lay Ministers from the experience of Mr. Bridges. You will learn requirements for each level of laity service opportunities and concentrate on Mr. Bridges experience as a CLM. Tom Bridges

Making Room for One More -- Does the church have anything to say and show to a world of growing segmentation and fragmentation? Are we destined to reflection, or might we have hope for illumination? This workshop will explore tensions between being stranger and neighbor and imagine possibilities for reclaiming the spirit of hospitality in some cultures that believe in "making room for one more." Reverend Dr. David Goatley, Director of Black Church Affairs at Duke Divinity School

Creation Care -- Encouraging Christians in their efforts to care for God’s creation, and to be faithful stewards of God’s provision. Mr. Bill Garrard, Earthkeeper

Pastor and Parish -- The Staff Parish Relations Committee plays a critical role in fostering a healthy relationship between the pastor and the congregation. SPRC is a ministry that supports the mission of the local church. This session will help you seek ways to strengthen communication across the church and serve as good stewards of your pastor’s time and gifts. It will introduce you to the study of Pastor and Parish. Reverend Dr. Dennis Sheppard

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Leading with Purpose
Health and Wellness
Local Church Historian
A Better Way
10 Essential Needs for Church Finance
Call & Ministry of Lay Servants & Certified Lay Ministers
Making Room for One More
Creation Care
Pastor and Parish
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